Saturday, July 22, 2006

Technology vs technology

I decided to take a break from restoring some old radios tonight and walked up to the corner coffee shop. I had heard there'd be a guitarist from Seattle starting at 9PM. 103 degrees was the 'official high' in ellensburg today, but it was very muggy.

Travis was the guitarist and I was delighted I caught his act. Acoustic guitar through an Oberheim Echoplex, so he'd record his accompaniment. His CD lists the personnel as Travis; Acoustic Guitar, Loops.

The loops being his acompaniment which ranged from Bass, Drums (whacking the side of his guitar) and space sounds he processed all out of his acoustic. I was loving the melding of acoustic/digital technology. Later, seeing his CD cover as a pen drawing of a robot playing an acoustic six-string. Marvelous.

Simply marvelous. Now, as you expected, the down side.

Some guy walked in half way through the concert, appearing to enjoy what he was hearing. At least he had the decency to walk out the door to use his cellphone, but made it too obvious he was intent on getting ahold of his friends to "come hear this guy." That's not the worst part. He came in farther then and sat down while plopping his cell on the table with his keys and wallet. (by they way I can't remember if he ever made it to the tip jar.)

Three minutes later his phone rings. In the middle of the room, in the middle of a song! He answered with "HELLO" before he was out the door in a manner that would have made you think he was a doctor expecting a call from the emergency room.

Sure enough, his friends showed up a few later. Now it's not like I let this guy distract all my attention, it would have been difficult for anything to destroy the peaceful sounds Travis was creating, weaving, recording; live recording studio! wonderful soaring melodies on top of mesmerizing rhythms. Peaceful. Technology tamed.

Then there's dumoflick with his technologically challenged sense of respect and couth. I had a mind to say something to him afterwards but quickly realized, as he passed by the tip jar one more time, trying to divert Travis' attention from me, that it wasn't worth trying to exlpain to him what rudeness is.

I spoke with Travis a bit afterwards and his mind is an equal symbiosis of technology and acoustic. What a pleasure to hear someone using the "wonders of modern digital science" in a way to calm the soul and make one forget about all those who abuse it.


*sandra* said...

ugh, how awful... on my way back to ellensburg from seattle, i had a spanish-speakin, high-pitch-voiced lady yakkin through her crack the whole way over; interrupted my darn nap!! yeah. about 'men'... lol

3:47 PM  
Tiff said...

Do you mean she was yakkin on her phone??? On the bus? They are not allowed in movie theaters, they should not be allowed on the bus! I'd write a letter to Greyhound.

10:27 AM  

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