Sunday, December 18, 2005


I herby announce the creation of a new school. The CW Institute of Technology. CWIT will be accredited and all that as soon as I can find a sponsor. Upon receiving that first pledge I will patent the name. (and get the URL before anyone else does.)

Do your part to keep the skills of morse code prevalent in the youte of America. (and the rest of the world, of course.)
Do your part to keep CW alive in Amateur Radio, and show them ones that want to quash it what's what.
We'll even try and help some of you old farts that don't think you can remember...we will have special programes for the "difficult" student.

e-mail me for particulars on investment plans.

Christopher Hobbs
President (and soon to be CEO)
CWIT - Continuous Wave Institute of Technology
"...don't think of quitting 'till you've tried CWIT"

(editors note: I just checked and CWIT is taken. The Center for Women and Information Technology already got it. Stay tuned for info on the possible use of CWIoT.)


Bart said...

Where do I sign up? Will the school provide J-38s or Vibroplexes? Are electronic keyers allowed?

Bart wa6hzn :^Þ

3:21 PM  

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