Friday, June 23, 2006

God doesn"t like cellphones either

I have long held a disdain for cellphones. It seems now God has made it clear how he feels about them.
BBC News Article

Notice there have been four cases recorded to date! Get 'em God!

Here are some of my main gripes about the cell phone:

I believe they are perpetrating rudeness.

It used to be public telephones were in a sound proof booth.

They make me not want to ride my antique Harley. (It's dificult enough to ride when there's no one else on the road while using a foot clutch and hand shift, let alone when there are people driving while talking on the phone.) Now, while driving my 'large-hunk-of-Iron-bumpered' 1955 Chevy Pickup truck I have a hard time not wanting to ram them. Maybe between me and God we can diminish the cell phone population.


Anonymous said...

Preach on brother Christopher!

Thanks for the link to the BBC story.

There is very little that annoys me more (at the mundane level, at least) than some idiot in the next booth gabbing away, usually loudly, on their cell phone whilst I'm trying to enjoy dinner and read a good book.

Bart the web rat (see you on 75)

1:31 AM  

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