Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Break from Engineering

Thought I'd share a little chuckle I just had. I was about to pack away a plastic (yes, I use them for all sorts of things around the shop) grocery sack. Paper is so hard to deal with...for one thing they don't seal up like plastic.

When I saw the paper receipt in the bottom. Usually I only bother with them when I know my name and last four of my bank number is printed on them for all the world to see that I got 3 pairs of unsderware at "Buy 2 get 1" prices.

I was not only not sure with this one, but part of me wanted to see if I really got the deal. After my awe subsided by how the register calculated it, I noticed the back was decorated with all sorts of colors. I've seen these coupon printouts on some of the more "local" stores than this (I won't mention names) big box store. Yes, I will occasionaly patronize the "highway stands" when they have a good deal. (this is michael-morgan brand. Never heard of them but they are cumfy. I degress...

This one with purple background and big Yellow lettering caught my eye. Right above the Yellow lettering in white read "Does Register Tape Advertising Work?" And the obligatory 1-800 number in black beneath. I was sure they were printing these things from some tower in New York City.

Yep, two squares above a pot of gold graphic with a URL. At least they are adding some color to my life. I know most of the tapes I get around town are plain white, I'm constantly picking them off the ground when they spill from the floor of my pickup.

I know, you're thinking "You have all those plastic bags wadded up in the shop, why don't you strap one to the cigarette lighter, you're not using that much anymore?" I guess it's the rebel in me knowing there's a law telling me to do something. Also I need all the tight sealing bags I can inside to seal up the identity stealer's gold mine of recepts that I miss. I'll bet there's a name for that in blogdom-world, but I'm not privy.

To think of the biography they could write about me when they dig these time capsules up from the land fill long after I'm dead and famous. I re-digress...

The Yellow lettering read "IT JUST DID!"

It took a nanosecond for it to reach my already strained with school brain, but when it did I chuckled.

Half of a second chuckle was quickly squelched with my typical cynical "Yeah, but for who?"

I squinted at the fine print to see what the location of one of the real advertisers was. Downtown it read. Ellensburg? it was...I know them! Visions of the technology it took for LOCAL businesses to get their coupons on the back of a ticker tape from that mega chain. It really wouldn't be that hard, I thought.

First I went through a litany of possibilities of who actually reads these things...miserly penny pinchers who I'm not sure I'd want as customers anyway; second, I was back to chuckling about the Yellow ad, I was sure I'd never use them.

Thanks for the color and the chuckle 1-800-247-4793

On second thought, what was that website?


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