Friday, December 30, 2005

How are you going to spend your Leap Second?

"2005 December 31 23h 59m 60s

Look again. Normally the atomic clocks would go from 23h 59m 59s to 00h 00m 00s but this year because the earth is slowing down, they will add a second. A Leap Second. The last one occured in 1998.

So how will you spend 2005 December 31 23h 59m 60s? Perhaps you can contemplate that if we didn't add the second (which some are proposing) we'd need a Leap Hour in about 900 years. That would certainly give you more time to contemplate the slowing down of the earth's rotation.

Here's a site dedicated to the subject My favorite link is the one of the chess set made with communication connectors.

I'm going to spend mine working morse code with my straight key for SKN (Straight Key Night) --maybe we'll hear you?


Bart said...

12/31/05 23:59:60...

Happy New Year, TIFF

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