Saturday, December 24, 2005

didus ineptus

Bringing the Dodo back to life (click for original story)

When I first saw this story, I thought they were talking about me going back to college. But no, it's true, some engineers want to reconstruct the Dodo bird from DNA. Why? Because they can. Let's bring back the Edsel too!

Glad I'm studying Latin. I understand it's name. What a bum wrap for this poor creature, and why prolong it's agony by bringing it back? The ineptis should have gone to the sailors who wrecked their ships on the reefs surrounding the paradise of Mauritis and let the rats swim ashore to feast on the didus young. The sailors who made it ashore were so desparate for food they'd eat this awful tasting overgrown pidgeon. (I don't know what pidgeon taste like, but I'm sure the dodo is pidgeon to the Nth degree.)

They called them dumb becasue they would run away, and if they did they weren't hard to outrun. It wasn't stupidity it was ignorance, and ignorance is bliss.

I thought about putting this under the Under-Engineered update but this poor creature has already endured enough scoff. Must have been nice evolving without any preditors. It was the dodos who imported their preditors that were under engineered.


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