Saturday, July 29, 2006

The End Is Near!

I gave this as a speech Thursday morning at Toastmaster's meeting:
The End Is Near

The end is near. The world is watching as August approaches. The beginning of the end. This is the time to make up your minds. Not later. Not when it's too late. When it's all over. This is not a time for indecision. Things are heating up. Now is the time to get your house in order. It will all be over in three months. Are you ready?

It's only too obvious it's upon us. Read the signs. Listen to the crowds. Here they are, the dog days of summer. People all over are taking a stance. Finalizing last minute business deals. Reading the news, watching the polls. Putting their ducks in a row. Counting the days. Choosing sides. Praying. Hoping. Longing.

It's the natural cycle of things. The "come-what-may." The inevitable and the uncertain. The hopes and fears of long sought dreams, capable of being crushed in an instant. In the twinkling of an eye.

Deep down we know that the outcome is all for the best, when it's all over. Even though many throughout the land will be in agony. Defeat; Painful injustice, let-down-ness. What city will be rejoicing come November? Which one, perhaps? What region will sound the trumpet? We can only hope it could be ours.

We could use something to celebrate, couldn't we? We could use a party. Which party would you go to? Where would you feast and toast? Would you cheer? Or would you hold back, on account of the others, the less than fortunate across this great country? Of which you are a part, of which you are party to. Will you praise, or will you feel guilt? Will you be enraptured, or left behind?

It's not too soon to ready yourself. To prepare. To take stock. What will you buy? Water? Bread? The basics? Or champagne and caviar? These are the days that separate the men from the boys. The sheep from the goats. You never know, what might happen. When it’s over. This is the time of year. The days of determination. The season of selection. This venue of verdicts.
What am I talking about?

Why, Election, of course. THE selection. The thing that makes us who we are. Defines us. Makes us the greatest place on earth. There are some in this room who may be winners. There are some among us who may very well be losers. But we need to stick together through it all. We must remain as one. Never forget the true goal and spirit we all aspire to. Never forget our prime directive. Our unifying nature. When it's all over.

September will be the calm before the storm. The pacing. The calculating. The realization that so much is beyond our control. Oh the stick-to-it-iveness. The resolve. The get-em-on/get-em-over/get-em-in. Things will narrow down before October; we'll have a better idea of who is close, and who's not. Of who is "in the running.” Who has the best chance and who will inevitably concede.

But when it comes down to it, when October is a memory. When the last pitch has been made. The last ballot counted. The last call made. When the fat lady has sung. November. Only one. Only the greatest. Only the best-of-the-best will be the champ; will feel the champagne burn the eyes, will be covered in confetti; will go home a winner. Only one will wave at the ticker-tape parade. Only one team will congratulate one another, having held together throughout the campaign, through thick and thin, through the pain and the glory.

But, Bragging rights will just have to wait for early November. When it's all over.

The Power. The fame. The Champion. The ChampionS. THE champions. The end is near. The series. The World. The World Series.

Play Ball! And Go Mariners!
It's really much more affective as a speech.


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Go Red Sox

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