Sunday, August 21, 2005


When I was a kid, the Electronics section of the store was where you found the transistors and resistors. The solder and the printed circuit boards to build something electronik.

The earliest form of the word was the greek hlektron refering to amber (when you rub it you get static electricity). (J. B. Calvert)

Electronics was what I read about in my dad's technical periodicals, not the shimmering throw-away DVD players lining the Electronics section of the local super store.

Oh sure, you'll find some items in those stores that I recognize as electronics:

  • Wires --with conectors already installed on BOTH ends though
  • Batteries --We used to get one free every month from Radio Shack
  • Ocassionally you'll even find a person in those stores that knows something about Electronics.

    Dont count on it though. Last week I went to Radio shack to see if they had a couple .002 mfd capacitors. I didn't bother responding to the (very cute) girl there when she asked me "can I help you find something?" I already knew the answer to that. They only had .001mfd, then .0047mfd, nothing between.

    On the way out she says to me "Maybe try the local hardware store?" Made me think that she probably doesn't even know the true meaning of Hardware, all anatomical allusions aside, my first computer I soldered together using the sloder see shells.

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