Gibson GA-15 RVT Restoration

It's Working!

I like the neon lamp - very 1965

Can you see the 1969 edition of Electronics Illustrated in the background?

After it warms up it actually settles down to 308 volts

The one in the foreground is the one that went bad, but I've seen a lot of these fail in my days so I replaced them all...sorry Nashville

I drilled a hole for a grommet near the connection for the reverb out, not sure where they fed it in originally.

Added 3 conductor power cord and grounded chassis (keep you from getting shocked from your microphone...I've had my lips buzzed before.)

Closeup of "the combo" - The featured article in this issue was to build an electric "stand-up" bass. Pretty cool, huh?
...and the amp too

Some detail of the bottom side

Nothing more soothing than the warm glow of glass.
New EL84EH's 'First Glow'...

And next the reverb tank bag...

I lined the bag with heavy duty felt, the kind used to cover speaker cabinets and other road gear. This should provide better acoustic muffling than the foam used originally.

Then cut a piece of quilting batting for the bottom of the cabinet to cushion the bag.

Velcro to fasten the flap shut.

And then put it all together.

These Sprauge 102C84 'networks' don't allow for much tweaking of the tone...

Added clips to EL84's to keep them in when it's really rocking.